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Top 10 Passers - Civil Service Exam Result August 4, 2019

This page will in-house the Top 10 Passers - Civil Service Examination Results for the August 4, 2019 paper and pencil test for both professional and sub-professional levels as soon as the results were published by the CSC.
civil service exam result august 2019
The Civil Service Commission, CSC, announced - regarding the August 4, 2019 examination that there are exactly 276,819 examinees nationwide who took the CSE-PPT or the Civil Service Examination - Paper and Pencil Test. This number was distributed to 243,020 examinees in Professional level and 33,799 examinees for the Subprofessional level.

The CSC-PPT or popularly called the Civil Service Exam is open to all Filipino citizens 18 years old at the time of filing of application who wants to work in the local government sector or any government-run corporation. The CSC certificate of eligibility however was also seen and considered as an additional positive credential for the person's portfolio on the private business sectors.

It is administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), a government agency tasked with overseeing the integrity of government actions and processes which includes the hiring of the future civil servants of the country.

Based on our experience in publishing the result, the commission is releasing the result about 60 days from the date of the examination.

Passing Grade

To pass the test, according to the commission, the examinee should get a general rating of at least 80.00.

Please stand by and just keep on returning on this page for the updates of the exam for all testing centers nationwide.

CSC Regional Testing Centers - Results for both Professionals and SubProfessionals levels.

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Below are the test coverage of the exam.

Professional Level

In English and Filipino:

Numerical Ability
1.) basic operations
2.) word problems

Analytical Ability
1.) word association
2.) identifying assumptions and conclusions
3.) logic
4.) data interpretation

Verbal Ability
1.) grammar and correct usage
2.) vocabulary
3.) paragraph organization
4.) reading comprehension

SubProfessional Level

In English and Filipino:

Numerical Ability
1.) basic operations
2.) word problems

Clerical Ability
1.) filing
2.) spelling

Verbal Ability
1.) grammar and correct usage
2.) vocabulary
3.) paragraph organization
4.) reading comprehension

Should you be able to make it, below is the CSC's Citizen Charter for claiming of your Certificate of Eligibility.
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(Under Normal
Person in
Fees Form
1 Fill-out Eligibility/Exam
Records Request Form
(ERRF) and Declaration
Form (DF).
accomplished ERRF
and DF; issue Order of
Payment advised client
to pay to the Cashier
2 minutes
2 Pay to the Cashier and
claim Official Receipt
Process payment and
issue Official Receipt.
1 minute Cashier P100.00
per copy
3 Present OR and wait
for the request to be

Verify/validate data and
information based on
the records.

If records is accurate,
encode examination and
personal details and
print certification.

Review data/findings
and affix initials on the
file copy of certification.

Affix signature on the

Photocopy the
certification and
Identification Cards.
15 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes

2 minutes

1st and 2nd
1st and 2nd





4 Affix signature on
the release portion of the
ERRF or file copy
Release the Certification
of Eligibility to client
2 minutes ERS-IRMO
Certification of
Aside from the result, the top 10 passers will also be posted in this page.

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