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How To Make Facebook Avatar - Philippines?

It seems the hype of facebook avatar has been spreading across the globe after Mark Zuckerberg himself posted his own cartoonized version of himself on his official facebook account.

This feature will enable you to make a caricature version of your own self by selecting different features of your facial features (example: hair, face, skin tone, etc.)
Photo credit: Mark Zuckerbeg facebook account

Facebook avatar is the social media's own avatar making feature after they noticed that Bitmoji from Snapchat is becoming popular among online users.

This cartoonized version of yourself then can be used on the comment section.

So how to use facebook avatar on desktop browser, android and apple ios?

As of this posting, this feature was not yet available in most countries and that includes the Philippines.

It seems like this feature is being rolled-out to each countries in a series of launches.

We have seen that the feature was made available on first on Australia and then to America.

It can be recalled that reaction icons (like, love, care, haha, wow, sad and angry) wasn't also rolled-out at once globally.