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Ivana Alawi Denies Scandalous Video

"Hindi ako yung nasa video na yun" Ivana Alawi said as she deny the scandalous video that has been circulating on the internet.

The Filipino actress, model and YouTube star made the statement on her youtube video uploaded on May 14, 2020.

"Inedit nila yun, actually nakakatakot yung mga nagagawa nila sa internet eh" - the youtube celebrity added.

Jump to the 6:05 timeline of the video to watch how Ivana Alawi answer the question which was apparently asked by one of her followers.

"Ivana, may kumakalat na video po na scandal n'yo, kayo po ba talaga 'yon?" the fan asked.

The question was answered on her youtube channel while she and her younger sister, Mona, are having a hotpot mukbang with chopsticks on hand.

"You know, alam kong mukha akong wild, 'yung walang pakialam, liberated. Proud ako dito — you will never, ever see any scandal of mine on the internet," - the acctress further stated.

Alawi recalled that her mother, Fatima, initially had reservations about her taking on a sexy image on the internet. Her mother eventually learned to accept her sexy image as an actress and model.

The actress also revealed that though her past boyfriends asked her to send "dirty pictures" of her to them but she stressed that she never agreed to their requests.

"And sa mga taong nakakakilala talaga sa akin, alam nilang hindi ako 'yun" - Alawi added.

Watch Ivana Alawi youtube video post from her channel below as she answer the question.

As of posting, the said youtube post hast 4.6 million views while her youtuber has 6.7 million subscribers.