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Philippines Boasts Samurai Sword Armaments

Are you a sword enthusiast and looking for a katana or samurai sword for sale but you are living here in the Philippines?

Good news, I found a store, actually - the only legit online sword shop that offers the finest quality of katanas you can find in the country.

Introducing the Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 Philippines Samurai Sword Shop.

Geisha's Blade is the Philippines' pioneer in Japanese style swords (samurai sword) and yoroi (samurai armor) which introduced katanas to the Filipinos way back 2005.

They have been on the market for so long that their products were made available on the discontinued multiply.com and the then sulit.com.ph (now OLX.ph), that is aside from popular ecommerce site ebay.ph.

Handling swords for more than 15 years now, through their continued dedication, katana lovers can rely that this store caters the finest sword in the country.

The Persons Behind Geisha's Blade

In order to have an assurance on the quality of every product, it is very crucial to know the men and women behind the wheels.

Geisha’s Blade 芸者の刃 was formed by Jaimee L. and Aldwin P. who both have a passion for the Japanese tradition, culture and arts.

Jaimee L. studied Japanese linguistics and is a graduate of Interior Design in UP Diliman. Aside from her passion on Japanese swords, she also collects vintage kimonos and getas from Japan.

Aldwin P. was an Education Specialist and Philippines Community Assistant at eBay. Aside from being a passionate Japanese swords collector, he is also a Japanese Martial Arts practioner and is a certified black belter. 

Aldwin now focuses on Japanese Swordsmanship at Sugawara Budo Philippines, a Philippine dojo established in 1998. Currently, he is studying tsukamaki - the Japanese art of handling both functional and aesthetic aspect of the sword.

How Swords Are Made At Geisha’s Blade?

Geisha's main product line, shinkens, which was made specifically for tameshigiri (Japanese art of target test cutting) are forged in the traditional Japanese manner: hand forged, heat treated, water/oil quenched, and then polished by hand. 

Below are some of the behind-the-scene photos to give you an idea how the Japanese traditional way shapes the Geisha’s Blade swords. Photos courtesy of Geisha's Blade facebook page.

After these laborous forging, below is a youtube video from Geisha's Blade's official youtube channel as they demonstrate tameshigiri or the Japanese art of target test cutting. We advised to jump off to Sir Aldwin's demonstration (wink).

The samurai store said that their swords have an average of 1kg regardless on what kind of steel-type the blade was made. This means that proper technique are needed to cut those targets as everyone will probably swinging the same weighted steel.

These samurai swords of course came from different material of the fittings, length, width, and thickness. This would mean that you need to familiarize yourself to your own sword/s, and of course you might be needing lots of those fresh green bamboo or banana stem to master tameshigiri and give your samurai a justice.
Image shows the weight in kilograms of some of Geisha's Blade swords

Geisha’s Blade Store Popularity

You can only trust the products if people acknowledges the store too. This is where Geisha’s Blade credibility as the country's number one katana store eclipses the sword-supplier-wannabe in the country.

Continue reading and be amazed on the invites Geisha's Blade had received from the past years.

Geisha’s Blade at the 1st Philippine National Kendo Tournament 

Geisha’s Blade was invited to have an exhibit by the United Kendo Federation of the Philippines for their first ever Philippine National Kendo Tournament.

Geisha’s Blade had made an impression to the Philippine kendoka as they were also invited to the following Kendo Tournaments.

EIGASAI Japanese Film Festival 2019

Geisha's Blade was also invited by the Shangri-La Plaza to exhibit their katanas at the 22nd EIGASAI Japanese Film Festival.

Wide range of Japanese swords and armours adored the Shangri-La Plaza Red Carpet. Aside from the product display, the school of classical Japanese Swordsmanship Sugawara Sogo Budo Philippines graces the festival. Sir Aldwin as a student of that school, also performed during the duration of the event.

Being one of the attractions of the festival, Geisha's Blade was featured by the country's leading papers "The Philippine Star" and "BusinessMirror".

Geisha’s Blade at History Con

History Con Philippines organized by the international television network "History" were also pumped-up as Geisha's Blade featured their arsenals in display.

The now renowned Japanese sword shop was invited by the American broadcasting company several times on their History Con in the country proving their authority in the local swordsmanship arena.

Geisha’s Blade at Animax Carnival

Animax Philippines invited Geisha's Blade at the Animax Carnival Philippines event held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. During the event, aside from the displayed samurai swords and samurai armors, spectators were also given the privileges to have a photo ops while wearing the full suit armor at the booth.

Geisha’s Blade Samurai Armor at KFC Commercial

What else would the best publicity be other than your products appearing on the national television?

This is exactly what happened to the Geisha's Blade armaments as they appeared on KFC commercial before millions of local television with the Filipino actor-comedian Leo Martinez.

Geisha’s Blade In "Nilalang"

If you're really getting good at it, you would probably want something bigger. Sure enough, this Japanese sword shop proved to be unsatisfied in the 14 seconds commercial as they invaded the big screen when their swords and armors were used in the 2015 movie titled "Nilalang".

Nilalang is a Filipino-Japanese action horror film starred by Cesar Montano and Maria Ozawa and became an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival during that year. 

Geisha’s Blade at Curteanah Cosplay Events

Geisha's Blade was invited by the "Curteanah Cosplay Events" - an organization that's celebrating a Japanese Tanabata Festival held in Baguio City. Various high quality Japanese style samurai swords, katanas and samurai armors were displayed on the event.

These citations and participations indeed added laurels on Geisha's Blade portfolio as the country's leading samurai swords provider in the Philippines.

So How To Buy At Geisha's Blade?

Though they are located at the Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines, they do not have a physical store - at least not yet.

You can check the complete details on how can you order at the "How to Order & Payment Questions" section on their FAQ page.

We can tell that they allotted a great amount of time on their FAQ page as it answers most/all possible questions in regards to owning a sword from them. The FAQ page is also too honest that they even tackled the question "I see similar armors on auction sites selling for less money, why?" which would be considered taboo on other store.

Imagine making your possible customers being aware that there are similar swords available online at a much cheaper price? Good thing that they have discussed it properly for the customer's sake.

The Website 

You can really tell that this samurai store definitely means business as their website looks very professional. I am a full-stack web developer for 13 years now and I can really tell that the websites layout and navigation was nicely laid out, to put it in simple words - their website is very user friendly.

One more important thing that I also wanted to mention about their site is that all transactions (simple browsing, registering account, adding order to your cart, etc) done within geishasblade.com are totally secured as I have noticed that they protected their site with "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure" which means that all transactions submitted from and to the geishasblade.com website are encrypted.

For those who are not familiar with this, this feature is fully optional and website owners are not required to have this on their site and in order to achieve this level of security, Geisha's Blade needs to pay an additional expenses on their website's hosting plan to protect their patrons.

Two thumbs up for this Geisha's Blade!

The Swords

You can check all of their products through their website's "SHOP" link. They are offering a wide range of Japanese swords, they even have replicas from famous movies like LOTR, The Last Samurai, Blind Swordsman - to name a few. Replicas from anime and video games are also available including Sasuke Uchiha's sword from the anime Naruto, Kenshin Himura's katana from anime Samurai X - again, just to name a few.

Their merchandises were groupped into several categories which include:

  • Japanese
    • Katana
    • Wakizashi
    • Tanto
    • Laito
    • Shirasaya
    • Ninja Sword
    • Wooden Weapons
      • Bokken
      • Shinai
    • Accessories
      • Sword Bag / Shinai Bag
      • Maintenance Kit
      • Stand / Rack
      • Tsuba
      • Sageo
      • Uniforms
      • Keikogi
      • Hakama
    • Japanese Armor
      • Classic Series
      • Bugyo Series
      • Daimyo Series
      • Hatamoto Series
      • Kabuto
      • Menpo
    • Japanese Polearms
    • Kapanese Masks/Dolls
  • Movie
  • Anime / Video Game
  • Chinese
  • European
  • Miscellaneous
  • Scratch & Dent
  • Steel Type
    • Steel type: 1045
    • Steel type: 1050
    • Steel type: 1060
    • Steel type: 1095
    • Steel type: T10
    • Hand Forged
    • Machine Made

Aside from their website, Geisha's Blade also have a youtube channel named GeishasBlade which boasts 1.97K subscribers as of this posting. They also have a very active facebook page Geisha's Blade 芸者の刃 (46K+ followers) where you can get most of the updates from them.

Note: This article is not a paid advertisement by Geisha's Blade.