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Watch Doris Bigornia Cats Video

Watch as radio anchor Doris Bigornia's cats show off at "SRO" during their live telecast on May 15, 2020.

SRO: Suhestyon, Reaksyon at Opinyon is a radio talk show under the DZMM that broadcasts every night in the Philippines and is currently hosted by Alvin Elchico and Doris Bigornia.

During the opening of the show, the Filipina news presenter showed of one of her cat named "Nala" and jokingly told the viewers that the cat was attending foreign inquiries as she showed feline having a phone in hand.

Then, before the closing of that episode of the radio talk show, the Filipina journalist was joined by three cats which Bigornia introduced to be Edward, Nala and Simba - to say their farewell to the viewers.

The news anchor cats played right on Bigornia's back for everyone to see. The cats appeared to be fighting on their play which put smiles on every televiewers.

The said video clip then became viral on social media and was a hit for both cat and non-cat lovers.