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Video Scandal of a Barangay Captain Dasmarinas, Cavite

A video scandal of a barangay chairman of Fatima Dos, Dasmariñas City, Cavite with the baranggay treasurer had made a quite rounds online after it swept the online news media.

The video scandal happened and was recorded via the online meeting application Zoom.

The scandalous act was witnessed by all of the barangay council.

video scandal baranggay captain dasmarinas cavite

Apparently, right after the barangay meeting which was done via the Zoom meeting application, the barangay chairman of Dasmarinas City at Cavite forgot to turn off the one of the two gadgets that he used during the meeting.

According to the Barangay Fatima SK Chairman Jamil Ibardolaza, the barangay captain used a laptop and a cellphone during the council meeting. After the meeting ended, the chairman closed his laptop but had forgot that his cellphone was still broadcasting, leaving the whole council to watch the erotic scene live.

"Bale dalawa kasi 'yung device na nagamit n'ya daw, 'yung isa laptop, 'yung isa ay phone and then gagawin na nila ang act na 'yun. Tinakpan n'ya si laptop then nakalimutan niya na patay sa cellphone kaya na broadcast," - the SK Chairman said.

With the scandalous incident, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Department was prompted to make an investigation regarding the unethical behavior of the barangay officials.

"If true, this is unbecoming of an elected government official. Tinitiyak po naming iimbestigahan ang insidenting ito at pananagutin ang barangay captain ng kung anong karampatang parusa ng batas sa inasal niya," - The DILG Undersecretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya said.

The spokesperson further said that the DILG investigation team is mandated to submit their investigation result in the soonest time possible in order to decide the liabilities of the barangay officials on the disturbing video.

Searching the videos on the internet, we have seen the blurred version of it. Since we do not agree on the distribution of it - and watching of it, we have stopped to use our google ninja ability to search for the uncut version.

Meanwhile, the SK Chairman further said that the whole barangay had made a signature campaign in order to change the leadership of their barangay .


Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla announced that the baranggay captain and her appointed treasurer had already resigned from their post.