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DDS Boycott Colourette Cosmetics Over Twitter Rant

UPDATE: Duterte landed at Tuguegarao Airport past 12 noon on November 15, 2020 and conducted aerial inspection over affected areas.

Supporters of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, commonly known as the Duterte Diehard Supporters (DDS), have been calling on to boycott the local cosmetics brand Colourette Cosmetics after its founder attacked the chief executive for the government's unideal response to the typhoons that hit the country.
Colourette Cosmetics boycott
Photo: Nina/IG

Nina Ellaine Dizon, the founder and chief executive officer of the Colourette Cosmetics, made a rounds online after she made a twitter post looking for the Philippine President - "Where is the President?", her twitter post which contains only one hashtag is enough to cause online commotion after the pro and anti-government shared their opinions too. The local cosmetics brand's CEO made the rant amid the pittyful images of different provinces of the country surfaced online due to the Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco).
With the attack to the president, the administration's supporters flocked on her social media account. Below are some of the replies of the her twitter post from both sides. The cosmetic line owner's original tweet was posted on the same day when the president addresses the nation on a six minute taped speech explaining why he cannot be physically present on the typhoon's affected areas. 

"It's not that I am at a distance from you. Gusto kong pumunta doon, makipaglangoy sa inyo. Ang problema pinipigilan ako kasi daw pag namatay ako isa lang ang Presidente. Sabi ko may Vice President naman. Wala silang sinasagot," - the president said.

English translation: "It's not that I am at a distance from you. I wanted to go there, to swim with all of you. The problem is I was prohibited because if I die, there is only one President. I said there is the Vice President. They didn't respond." 

The president still eloborated the details that despite his desire to visit his affected countrymen, he was guarded by the PSG members and his doctor. "Binabawalan ako ng nagbabantay sa akin, PSG, doktor. Hindi ako makalabas. Sabi ko gusto ko magpakita sa tao. Ang sabi nila bantayan 'yung pagkatao ko," pointing to his chest. "Kasi ako ang Presidente." 

English translation: I was prohibited to go out by the PSG and my doctor. I cannot go out. I said I want to show up in the public. They said I needed to be protected because I was the President. 

Meanwhile, the former president protocol officer, Jasmin Egan, had posted this on her facebook account.

I think its stupid that #NasaanAngPangulo trends every single time a typhoon hits our country. Sa tingin nyo ba gagalaw...

Posted by Egan Jasmin on Thursday, November 12, 2020
The CEO even dared her bashers saying that she will cancel herself all orders from DDS customers who purchased from 11.11 event. Just to show her commitment to her words, she bravely responded to one of her customers saying that he is not a loss on her company. Some of the twitter showed their sympathy on the brave business owner. It appears that the Colourette Cosmetics is one hundred percent owned by Nina Ellaine Dizon after seeing her posting government rants while tagging along the cosmetic brand.