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Andi Eigenmann's Gender Reveal For 3rd Baby

Andi Eigenmann had published her "gender reveal" on the video sharing website youtube.com via her vlog post entitled "Finally, Our Fun DIY Gender Reveal At Home", which was posted late afternoon on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

Andi on her video introduction said that "this is the moment that they have all been waiting for" and that she is also excited for that day because she is the one who has been keeping the secret for already quite some time.

andi eigenmann gender reveal youtube

The actress-model initially wanted to reveal the surprise by baking a three blue icing-filled cupcakes for her partner Philmar Alipayo and for her two daughters.

Unfortunately, the icing did not turn out to be as blue as she hoped for due to miscalculation of some ingredients and some preparation mistakes. Though it appeared to be a white icing, she still put it on the cupcakes' fillings.

Even though with the whitish fillings, she still presented it to her family, leaving Philmar and her daughter Ellie confused about the gender reveal.

To amend her icing blunder, Andi just prepared a box with a blue-colored baby clothes in it along with many blue confettis.

Philmar who is besides his two daughters leap for joy after realizing that he was at last going to have a son.

This was also a great news for Andi's oldest daughter as she mentioned in that video that she wanted a baby brother.

"I wanted a boy but I think it's a girl" - Ellie said after Andi asked them for their guesses before giving them the cupcakes.

Watch the full video below: