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About Us

Hi, my friends call me Kapitan, 38 years old. I'm currently working as a full-stack web developer doing in-house web-based applications for our organization.

Basically, computer is my life, I will even trade my wife for a computer, hehehee, kidding honey.

Having this blog is one of the best thing happened on my life. Way back school days, I'd rather have a ten pages back-to-back essay exam than a ten items true-or-false test. Meaning, I love writing. Disclaimer: When I said, I love writing, I didn't mean that I'm a perfect-english person, so watch out for some grammars, tenses and most especially spelling bugs on some (okay, most) of my articles.

Anyare.com was launched in June 2013 and had been publishing our article since then.

What you can have here on my blog?

Internet is such a crowded space, with our busy life, it is impossible to read all the news in order to catch up on what's happening to our country.

Anyare.com aims to filter these bloat news and delivers the news that would really matter for a Filipino life.

We feature general news, entertainment, politics, technology, sports, viral videos & memes and basically any news that we find a Filipino needs to know.

Thank you very much for dropping by on my blog, I am looking forward to have you here more often.

(big smile here)